Spring Treks & Sunrooms & Such

THE SPRING HAS WORN me out. I’ve been back and forth between my house in Atlanta and the 155 Glenn Carson Road property repeatedly, with work trips in between. The progress on the house has been slow and, as with all of the other construction jobs I’ve had done, bothersome. Fortunately, I like the builders, so that helps with the frustration.

Today I got a note from Daniel Lawrence, the architect I worked with at Architectural Partners, to do the preliminary designs for the house and garage with a link to the hundreds of photographs he and his intern took in May of last year. That means that this project has already been a year-long undertaking. And … it’s still several weeks from being finished. As I said, the spring has worn me out. What was interesting, though, is that I had forgotten some of what the house looked like when I first saw it. The yard and the trees are delightfully green in the pictures, and it’s been such a mud pit for so many months now that I had forgotten how charming it looked when I bought it (if overgrown and in need of lots of attention).

Back of house
Back of the house in spring 2016. Note the horseshoe hanging over the entrance. I saved that, along with a lot of other small tokens, to be used somehow in the decor of the house.

Here’s a shot of the back of the house in May 2016, before any of the demolition began on the exterior.

When I was there last week, the builders had just added the windows to the sunroom skeleton and Rudy, the electrician, and I walked through to make decisions about where to put outlets and to talk about the placement of the heating and cooling system for the room. I also talked with Nelson Wilson, who used to own the lumber company Buffalo Shook, about sourcing ship lap boards for the interior walls of the sunroom. Buffalo Shook opened in Farmville in 1912 and made the parts for packing crates (shooks) for tobacco–the primary agricultural crop in the area for decades. It closed a couple of years ago, but Nelson still sources some lumber products. Ultimately, he thought it would be more cost-friendly to get the boards from a commercial distributor, but I learned a lot about how ship lap is made in doing this investigating.

I haven’t been in Virginia for over a week now, so I’m not sure what the back of the house looks like today, but this is the state I left it in a few days ago.

Back of house, sunroom skeleton
Sunroom skeleton from the back yard. Photo taken on April 1, 2017.
Back of house in Feb. 2017
Back of house before masons began laying the brick foundation for the sunroom. Photo taken February 24, 2017.
Framing the sunroom. Photo taken on March 24, 2017.
Sunroom Interior
Interior shot of sunroom with windows installed and ceiling prepped for headboard application. Photo taken on April 1, 2017.

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