The Older Shed, Part V

IT’S HARD FOR ME to think it’s true, but the gardening shed is almost finished. After I left to go back to Atlanta for a few weeks, Uncle Bob continued to work on the sides and the trim, so when I got back in late November, the only thing left to do was hang the front door and make the “barn doors” for the back entrance. He hung the front door, which I had repurposed from the front of the house, the day I returned, but it didn’t fit exactly. There was an uneven gap, which he didn’t like. His first “fix” was to attach a thin board to the side and the top to mask the gap. This worked, but as I said to him, “I didn’t love it.”

“It’s not that easy working for a picky person,” I joked with him.

“That’s why I like working for myself,” he joked back. But he said he had another idea and the next day, he returned, removed the door, took it to his house, and three hours later he brought it back with a perfectly-sized addition strip on the edge that makes it fit “just right.” He’s really resourceful, and I’m grateful. I kind of love it now.

The gardening shed, with the reworked front door, ready for paint.

The next day he came to put on the “gate closure” hardware, which didn’t fit exactly. It was a bit too tight to open and close easily. “I have some brass at home,” he said. “I can fix that.” When I came back to check on things the next day, he’d fashioned a perfectly-sized metal plate to go behind the “arm” side of the closure, and it opens and closes just as it’s supposed to. We still have to add the handle, but that’s a chore for after I paint the door.

We also still have to build the back doors which will open from the center, wide enough for a riding lawnmower to fit into the shed. Uncle Bob said he might have those built by Christmas, but it’s getting cold now, and it’s hunting season until early January (I believe), so it may be after the start of the new year before they are finished. In the meantime, I have to decide about paint. My brother thinks I should just let the wood weather to gray, but I had planned to paint it white with a charcoal door. I went to Lowe’s this afternoon and picked up a few paint chips to try to figure out the right combination.

And now onto the other shed. The crew I found to demolish it for the lumber has finally started their work, after a couple of delays … each day, a little progress. And so it goes.



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